INT2 – How to better work with Renault ?


Any person wishing to understand or work with Renault group logistic and supply chain teams. (Manager / head of logistic, Members of logistic operational teams, Sales manager dealing with Renault)

Your needs

As a current, new or future Renault supplier, you wish to understand and master the logistic of Renault Group in order to ensure the best collaboration.


This training summarizes the logistical requirements of Renault Group. It outlines the roles and responsibilities of each stakeholder in the logistic chain and it details the procedures between Renault and its suppliers. 

  • Understand
    The scheduling process for supply management
    Tools and indicators used by Renault to monitor the performance and the quality of its logistic 
  • Control
    The process of transportation management and returnable packaging
    Complete documentation of shipping notice

PROGRAM (1 to 2 days)

  • Renault logistics and supply chain strategy
  • The supplier logistics guide book and portal
  • Renault logistics tools and applications :
    • ASN – (Advanced Shipping Notice)

    • PVS – Packaging Visibility System

    • IPPRFL – Service rateGQE : Gestion de la qualité entrante

    • GQE – Incoming quality management

    • ELTA – Transport management

    • DCP – Capacity analysis

Our learning assets

  • A program which has been built by Renault Group logistic experts and which is based on the experience we acquired from our supplier’s issues.
  • Theoretical inputs illustrated with concret exemples and direct application with the IT tools : “I Do, we do, you do”.

Prices 2017

  • 3 to 5 attendees: 500 € HT per day and per attendee
  • 6 to 10 attendees : 415 € per day and per attendee

The training can be offered on your site or in our facilities


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