Executive Committee of Renault-Nissan Consulting France

  • Claire martin Claire Martin Executive Director
  • Nathalie Baglin-Schuhler Consulting Director Engineering, Innovation and Purchasing
  • Claire martin AMALE JARRAR Consulting Director Quality and supports functions
  • MICHEL FERRO Finance and Administration Director
  • Charles Forget Charles FORGET Consulting Director Sales and Marketing
  • Vincent Laboucheix VINCENT LABOUCHEIX Consulting Director Manufacturing & Supply Chain
  • Gilles PANCZER Consulting Director Transformation
  • Daniel Rebbi Daniel REBBI External business development & communication Director Consulting Director Kaizen Network
  • Claire martin Benjamine VO VINH Consulting Director People & Management

Sharing good practices

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Business sectors covered

Aerospace-defence / Agro-food
Automotive / Finance / Chemicals / Construction
Energy / Luxury goods / Healthcare / Petrochemicals
Pharmaceuticals / Services / Telecoms