Politicy on confidentiality

Policy on confidentiality and protection of online personal dataRenault-Nissan Consulting is attentive to protection of the personal data and private lives of its customers and any other persons accessing its websites.

This policy on confidentiality and protection of online personal data sets out the types of personal data that Renault-Nissan Consulting may collect and the way in which it may be used, by Renault-Nissan Consulting, by other companies in the group, by members of its sales network or by its subcontractors. It also gives important information on your rights and on the protection of your personal data.

All operations on your personal data are performed compliant with applicable French legislation, including French data privacy law (Loi n°78-17, “Informatique, Fichiers et Libertés”, of 6 January 1978, and amendments thereto).

Users of this website recognize that they have been informed on and accepted this policy, along with the general conditions on using the site. Users disagreeing with the terms of the policy are free not to use the websites in question and not to give personal data.
 1. Who collects and processes the personal data ?Your personal data is collected by Renault-Nissan Consulting SAS, simplified shares company with capital of €533,941,113, with headquarters at 13/15, quai Alphonse Le Gallo, 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt cedex, France, registered at RCS Nanterre under the number 780 129 987. 

2. What personal data is collected ?Users can opt to access and browse our websites without giving personal data. The term “personal data” refers to any information concerning a physical person identified or identifiable, directly or indirectly, by reference to an identification number or by any other means. When Renault-Nissan Consulting collects personal data, it does so overtly and transparently, giving explanatory notes or references to this policy.

Personal data means information concerning you and identifying you, such as title, first and last names, postal address, email address, phone numbers, user ID and password for accessing your My Renault Nissan Consulting account, and any other items used for the purposes set out in section 3 of this policy.

Your personal data is collected either by means of our forms, or on enrolment to your personal areas on My Renault Nissan Consulting, or during your browsing on our websites.

Whatever the method used, required data is indicated as such. If you do not wish to provide required data, this may impede your access to certain services or features of our websites, and prevent you from buying products or services via our websites. Other, non-required, data is requested simply for improving our understanding of users. You can opt not to give this data.

Renault-Nissan Consulting will take any necessary measures to ensure that users’ personal data is accurate and up to date.

3. Why is personal data collected ?
Renault-Nissan Consulting undertakes to collect users’ personal data solely for precise, explicit and legitimate purposes, and to process such data solely in ways that are compatible with these purposes.

Renault-Nissan Consulting undertakes to process only such personal data as is adequate, pertinent and non-excessive with regard to the purposes for which it is collected.

Your personal data is collected and used to enable you to access the features and services offered on our websites, and to provide us with accurate, up-to-date and relevant information enabling us to proceed with actions such as the following:

a)    Answer your requests for information, services and contact with Renault-Nissan Consulting. For example:
        - We can use your name and contact details to get back to you if you wish to book a test-drive with a dealer.
        - We can use your name, email address and postcode to process a request to buy a new vehicle, or to send you information on vehicles or services you are interested in.

b)    Enable you to set up and use your personal area on My Renault Nissan Consulting.

c)    Propose products or services liable to be of interest to you. At any time, and at no expense, you can opt not to receive such information, by clicking on the unsubscribe link that is including in all such emails, by connecting to the website from your personal area, or by writing to Service Relation Client Renault-Nissan Consulting, F-92109 Boulogne-Billancourt Cedex.

d)    Invite you to take part in surveys to help us improve and adapt our products and services to customers’ needs.

4. Recipients of personal data
Renault-Nissan Consulting may share your personal data with other companies in the group.

It may call on subcontractors to process all or part of such data to the extent required for fulfilling specified functions (such as website hosting, provision of services in connection with website operation, or dispatch of sales offers). Any such subcontractor is contractually bound to ensure the confidentiality and security of the personal data is may receive, and to use it solely for the purposes of the services specifically commissioned by Renault-Nissan Consulting. If personal data needs to be transferred to a subcontractor outside the European Union, the subcontractor is required to sign a data transfer contract that ensures a degree de protection similar to that afforded by Renault-Nissan Consulting and by European legislation.

Excepting the cases noted above, Renault-Nissan Consulting also undertakes not to sell, rent or transfer your personal data to any third party without your consent. Renault Nissan Consulting may be required to disclose your personal data without your prior consent in order to comply with legal requirements.

Renault-Nissan Consulting may disclose your personal data if it considers necessary to do so in order to comply with a court order or judgement that appears valid or with an authority demonstrating a legitimate need to obtain information in connection with an inquiry or in the exercise of a legitimate interest such as in the upholding of its rights.

5. Period for which personal data is kept
Renault-Nissan Consulting will keep your personal data in a secure environment for the period needed for fulfilling the purposes for which it was collected or for the minimum period required by applicable civil, commercial or other legislation.

6. Security and confidentiality
Renault-Nissan Consulting takes protective measures to ensure the confidentiality and security of your personal data and to prevent it from damage, deletion and access by unauthorized third parties. Access to personal data is strictly limited to employees, officers and agents authorized by virtue of their functions and bound by an obligation to confidentiality.

7. Data access, correction and opposition rightsUnder articles 38, 39 and 40 of French data privacy law (Loi n°78-17 relative à l’informatique, aux fichiers et aux libertés, of 6 January 1978 and amendments), you are entitled to access, correct and refuse the use of your personal data. Providing proof of identity, you may at any time check the accuracy of, request the correction or update of, or request the deletion of personal data concerning you.

Lorsque votre demande vise à ce que les informations vous concernant ne soient pas utilisées à des fins de prospection commerciale, vous disposez d'un droit d'opposition légitime sans qu'il soit nécessaire de préciser les fondements de votre demande.

You do not have to provide any particular reason for exercising your legal entitlement to request that your personal data not be used for sales prospecting purposes.

You may enrol on the Bloctel list, managed by the company Opposetel, in order not to be contacted by phone for sales prospecting purposes. If you are on this list you may nevertheless be contacted by Renault-Nissan Consulting for sales prospecting purposes during the period of your contract with Renault-Nissan Consulting, unless you specifically request otherwise from Renault Nissan Consulting in the legitimate exercise of your right of opposition to sales prospecting.

If you have a My Renault-Nissan Consulting account, you can exercise your right to access, correct and update your personal data by logging on to your account. And you can exercise your right to access, correct and oppose the use of your personal data by writing to the following address: Service Relation Client Renault-Nissan Consulting, F-92109 Boulogne-Billancourt Cedex.

8. Protection of personal data on minors
.Renault-Nissan Consulting websites do not usually address children under the age of 13. We do not, therefore, collect or keep personal data on children under 13 without obtaining verifiable parental consent. Parents may request to access or delete information on their children.

9. Cookies
Renault-Nissan Consulting websites use cookies in order to adapt to user preferences and to optimize the pages shown. The web page servers can load cookies onto your computer to enable you to connect to the site and its services, and customize them. These cookies make for a smoother and more practical website browsing experience. For full information on cookies, click https://group.renault.com/en/cookies/

10. Links to other websites
Renault-Nissan Consulting websites may include links to third-party sites. Renault-Nissan Consulting has no control over these websites and shall not be held liable for any of their content or for their use of your personal data. Regarding the protection of your personal data when visiting such sites we recommend that you consult their specific confidentiality policies.

11. Updates to the confidentiality policy
In the event of any change to this policy at the initiative of Renault-Nissan Consulting or in response to legal requirement, the new policy will be published on our websites and take immediate effect on publication. The policy readable on our websites is therefore the latest version, and we therefore invite you to view this on each visit.

General information on data privacy is available on the website of the French Data Privacy Commission (Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL))www.cnil.fr.