Engineering, Innovation and Purchasing

In today’s fast-changing and increasingly competitive business environment, industries must develop a wide-reaching capability on accommodating innovation.

Our Engineering, Innovation and Purchasing practice, with its qualified resources, offers tailor-made advice on robust management of innovation, design and purchasing strategy implementation capable of creating products and services that meet customer expectations.

We go every step of the way to support you in innovation management, optimized organization management, research and development performance, product economic efficiency and digital transformation.

Our Engineering, Innovation and Purchasing' Team

From left to right sitting:  Jean Soundirarassou, Consultant;  Clément Carle, Consultant;  Maria-Camila Ramirez Florez, Consultant;  Philippe Jurdit, Consultant Senior;  Andréa Resmini, Consultant Senior.

From left to right upright:  Mariana Campos Assuncao, Consultant;  Boris Hudec, Consultant Senior;  Nathalie Baglin-Schuhler, Consulting Director;  Farid Zourgani, Manager;  Vinicius Perottoni, Consulting Manager.

Not present on the picture:  Anne Caldichoury, Consulting Manager;  Jean-Pierre Brandeis, Consultant Senior.

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Missions and Know-how of Engineering,  Innovation and Purchasing

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