Industrial and commercial planning

Industrial and commercial planning involves analysing the existing forecasting processes, managing production, and scaling and scheduling supplies accordingly.

 Our methodologyTo help you put together industrial, commercial and production master plans, our consultants provide guidance on:

> Determining overall production needs for a year or half-year.

> Determining production needs for each finished product, with monthly or weekly scheduling.

They will also help you analyse and schedule needs for bought-in components working from the production master plan, and schedule procurement and manufacturing operations accordingly.

Typical resultsExperts on several missions have implemented industrial planning (purchasing, supply-chain, stock, capacity, production) using a unique Enterprise Resource Planning system, enabling a number of companies to meet their objectives on customer service rates and to achieve a 10% reduction in supply-chain costs.

Courses available(Click to download course descriptions in PDF format)

> ORD1 : Inventory management and supply-chain management practice.
> ORD2 :
Supply chain and order scheduling for production planning.
> ORD3 :
Team support on setting up a supply-chain management system.

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