Change Management

For effective performance in a fiercely competitive business environment, a company needs to adapt, adjust and innovate over ever-shorter cycles. This means setting up transformation projects that will very often disrupt existing processes and require changes to the existing organization and working practices. People will naturally feel unsettled as the solid processes, structures and values they relied upon are perceived as faltering. So without effective workforce support, transformation projects may well fail.

Change management seeks to facilitate acceptance of the changes brought about by implementation of a new project, and to minimize rejection factors. It involves anticipating risks and designing and implementing a programme capable of bringing in solutions under optimum conditions.

Our approach: The road to drive the future The change management programmes our consultants apply are based on involvement, communication and training. Active workforce engagement and participation is a prerequisite for success; training and awareness-raising will not in themselves be sufficient.

> Involvement: Our consultants ensure that users are brought on board right from the outset of the project, and that their opinions are factored in to ensure that the end result meets their expectations.

> Communication: Our experts set up a communications system to ensure that the people concerned understand and accept the changes under way, and are kept up to date on project progress.

> Training: Our consultants ensure that users acquire the theoretical understanding and practical know-how they need for carrying through the transformation project.

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