Companies undertake digital transformation to reap maximum benefit from technologies (Big Data, IA, IoT, etc.) and new tech industry approaches (Design Thinking, Agility, etc.) in order to boost performance. Digital transformation yields rapid and significant results in customer and market understanding, improved working practices, team and partner productivity, and business development. 

Most companies and administrations today are engaged upon one or more digital transformation programmes. What is yours?

With its extensive functional know-how, close cooperation with digital ecosystem partners, and extensive experience with the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, Renault-Nissan Consulting is ideally placed to help you get the best out of your digital transformation. Support covers five key points:

Design of innovative products and services, through idea generation and team engagement workshops.

Organization of work spaces and efficient collaborative systems (such as Startup & Digital Workplace).

Team productivity improvements through automation of repetitive tasks.

> Sharp attention focus on salient data, through data viewing and big data techniques.

Strong user buy-in through design of an emotion-focused customer experience and wide-scale rollout of persuasive solutions.

Missions conducted with customers implementing digital strategies have revealed a number of stumbling blocks to be avoided if the company is to achieve lasting results. Here are some examples: Frantic implementation of proofs of concept (POC) without in-depth identification of customers’ actual needs; Recruitment of highly specialized profiles (data scientists, senior agile coaches, digital officers, etc.) without identification of the actual challenges facing the company; Meetings with startups having fuzzy strategies ;Development of applications whose features prove disappointing because they were not designed on the basis of prior user input; Unwarranted use of digital jargon.

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Missions and Know-how of Digital

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