Operational Excellence

Operational excellence calls for a culture of continuous progress. The company needs to implement a system capable of constantly honing its competitive edge, constantly creating value for its customers, employees, partners and shareholders.

The quest for operational excellence involves a series of five interweaving and interdependent principles. If any of these are missing, the overall efficacy drops.

An operational excellence program starts by developing close consistency among all the company’s improvement projects: simplification, organizational transformation, digital transformation, production site transformation. Management must then be focused on the initiative with a view to selecting and implementing the most suitable operational excellence method.

Our approach To guide you through this process, our consultants will help you set up the five principles on continuous performance improvement:

> Factor in customer expectations and promote innovation from a digital angle, because digital technologies are a powerful force bringing more effective emotional impact, more attractive services and greater opportunities for developing customer relations, developing products and developing sales. 

> Put people at the centre of the system, because performance is driven by people.

> Develop a common vision, which reaches everyone and is understood by everyone.

> Use the right tools, to achieve efficacy and efficiency. Examples: process efficacy throughout the value chain (from design through to aftersales), with a very high quality level; and lean manufacturing, as regards resources, time (JIT) and energy.

> Get all stakeholders on board, to get the best out of production systems, information systems, and the people who form the teams involved, and thereby the companies involved.