People and Management

Acceleration of professional rhythm, search for collective meaning, globalization of relationships, porosity of markets, diversity of employee profiles, development of ecosystems ... the stakes of companies are multiplied, and those of managers with.

The People & Management practice of Renault-Nissan Consulting, which I help to animate, thus accompanies managers in a quadruple role: the creation of meaning, the development of the team's efficiency and its collaborative capacity. adaptation and organizational agility, link building.

Share reality openly, always keep the customer in mind, make it simple... 
The People & Management practice supports the managerial skills transformation program "Renault Way Team Experience". This program of team cohesion seminars is the result of a desire to sustainably develop trust, understanding and mutual assistance among employees, improve the ways in which teams operate and make the five principles live. always keep the customer in mind, make a contribution, learn on a daily basis and make it simple. Renault-Nissan Consulting, engaged in all types of transformation, has been asked to lead this program.

The practice also carries out diagnostics after surveys carried out among Renault Group employees, coaches managers and accompanies the teams in the Group's vast transformation program: the Renault-Nissan convergence.

Know-howHis know-how is recognized in systemic analysis (strategy, organization, management, culture), in Leadership, innovation and managerial transformations, the development of soft skills and the animation of collective intelligence.

A practice that is therefore close to managers, employees and finds its strength in managerial innovation.