Our history

Both Renault and Nissan proved consistently successful on the automotive market. Their respective accomplishments owe much to the practice of continually challenging and optimizing the methods employed for improving performance. These methods today hold authoritative status and applicability across all business sectors. 

Renault-Nissan Consulting, has its roots in this constant quest for performance, and works to offer its clients the benefit of this long and productive experience !
1989: beginnings
By the late nineteen-eighties, take-up of a new quality drive had become a prime objective for Renault. The company would set about developing and rolling out a new Total Quality programme, addressing the challenges of customer focus, waste reduction, process control and company-wide vision.

In this endeavour, Renault would need powerful backing, in the form of inspirational front-line expertise closely coordinated on the task of full-scale business renovation. And because each industry develops with its own specific performance indicators, skills and resources, in 1989 the decision was taken to found a new industry consultancy: Institut Renault de la Qualité.

The new institute would initially concentrate on Lean and Quality, before adding Management to its portfolio in 1994. This brought explicit realization that in addition to the technologies implemented, the new quality initiative would necessarily be driven by the company’s workforce. A suggestions system was set up to muster employee involvement, and personnel motivation and engagement would become an integral part of workgroup considerations.

1996: International development

and a new Lean Service activity
Encouraged by seven years of successful experience, confirmed by highly positive feedback on product quality, the Institut Renault de la Qualité stepped into the international sphere by setting up branches in Spain and the UK. And in addition to Lean, Quality and Management, the institute would add Lean Service to its portfolio, enabling it to provide consultancy services to the company’s support functions.

2000: Internationally recognized experience
By the end of the nineties, the Institut Renault de la Qualité had developed a comprehensive business span and would be invited to expand its coverage worldwide. Targeting global benchmark status, it would set about acquiring international clients by developing a broad cultural dimension.

2008: Name change: Renault Consulting
In 2008, Renaut’s three consultancy functions (Institut Renault, Organization Department and B2B Department) were merged into a single unit, and the Institut Renault de la Qualité would become Renault-Consulting. The same year, Renault-Consulting Romania came into being.

2016: Renault-Consulting becomes "Renault-Nissan Consulting" and creation of the Digital practice
In 2016, Groupe Renault announced that Alliance-wide synergies would be stepped up, to enhance the competitive performance of Renault and Nissan and strengthen their position as front-line players on the world automotive market. Renault-Consulting would become Renault-Nissan Consulting, and Renault-Nissan Consulting would open a branch in Brazil. It's also the year of creation of the Digital practice. Develop new services quickly ensure the immediate adoption of new digital tools; to make a team work by aligning working methods and to identify where are the major issues of a digital transformation are the subjects on which this practice can accompany you.  

2018: Creation of two new practices "Network Kaizen" and "People and Management"
The Network Kaizen practice is in charge of realizing, for the Groupe Renault Quality and Customer Satisfaction Division, all the necessary Dealer Networks assessments to ensure the activities standards respect and the customer satisfaction. The objective of this activity is to aim for a better quality and cost efficiency and an harmonization of processes.

The Practice is in charge to pilot all the activities under his responsibility worldwide. It is in relation with the other countries where Renault-Nissan Consulting operate, the Quality and Customer Satisfaction Division for the Groupe Renault and for the Alliance (Renault-Nissan) and for the network management for Kaizen Concessions missions ... (reorganization missions, with a view to improving efficiency and customer satisfaction).

Acceleration of professional rhythm, search for collective meaning, glocalization of relationships, porosity of markets, diversity of employee profiles, development of ecosystems ... the stakes of companies are multiplied, and those of managers with. The People and Management practice thus supports managers in a quadruple role: the creation of meaning, the development of the team's efficiency and its collaborative capacity, the adaptation and organizational agility, the construction of the link.

Ambitions for 2020Following the opening of Renault-Nissan Consulting Brazil in 2017, Renault-Nissan Consulting presented an ambitious medium-term plan early 2018. By 2020, it will be the benchmark consultancy and training partner of the Renault-Nissan Mitsubishi Alliance, with worldwide team outlook and scope. Growth will be sustainable, quality-focused, customer-centred and rich in innovation, both digital and managerial. Ambition will be wide-reaching and forward-looking.